Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Summer Placement & Home Wear Galore!

Hi guys! 

I know I am really terrible at keeping my blog! But I have been up to a lot recently :) In fact I've not long come back from my two week work placement at Welsh Mountain Zoo! 

I had a great time there, but it made me realise just how much hard work it is being a keeper. Majority of the day is just manual labour, scrubbing, cleaning, scooping, lifting, carrying and walking up and down the welsh mountain! I thought I was relatively fit until I started there, now I'm investing in a gym membership. But interacting with the animals made up for it. I got so close to some amazing animals, brown bears, tiger, snow leopards, margay, meerkats and more. I was allowed to hand feed the margay which was the highlight of my whole placement! 

I took a few quick pics on my phone so sorry for the poor quality :) 

Now I'm back I've been spending most of my time looking and lamps and scatter cushion for my UNI HOUSE!! You may have guessed, but I'm very excited ;) I can't wait to be living in Chester! 

My favourite purchase for my house is this beauty...

My Abigail Ahern lamp from debenhams! How gorgeous is this! I love the colours and the textures too. The hare is felty so it feels a little furry and the shade is velvet. It is a bit pricey (£85) but I had some vouchers and I just instantly fell in love with it. I was the talk of the store when I picked it up on Friday! It was the only one in, as the designer wasn't officially launched until this week. 

I'm also a little bit addicted to eBay at the moment...

I picked these up at around £6 each! They are mini but very cute :) and as I've got a king size bed I'm going to just cover it in cushions :p 

My latest cushion was this....

I saw it in BHS and I'm a sucker for all things owl! Again a bit pricey for a cushion (£20) but there's a bit going on on there. Lots of floral fabrics, buttons, and textured fabrics. I really like it :) 

I can't wait to move in and put everything in its place :) 

Anyone else moving into a uni house? Or had any interesting trips this summer? 

Oh also still selling some clothes, accessories and other stuff on my eBay :) check it out 


  1. Lovely photos hun and the cushions are so cute, love them! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. This is such a super cute post I would love to work in a zoo but I think I'd spend all day around the lion or tiger cage just watching them. Love the cushions and lamp you purchased... very nice indeed!

    Lovely little blog, now following you, would be great if you could check out my blog sometime. Thank you. Tia